Torque Spring 2012

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The madness that is “Torque” continues with a brand new Spring line-up of local faves, new talent from all across florida, and of course heavy hitters WODNB, A-Sides, & Concord Dawn.
We look forward to Spring vibes as the Drum ‘n Bass tunes are running rampant and the state of DNB is healthy as a dog in heat. If this past WMC/MMW 2012 is any indication of where the DNB scene is and headed then rest assured it’s headed in the right direction. Either way “Torque” and it’s crew members keep the Drum ‘n Bass running bright red via Vixen Bar in the Heart of Downtown Orlando, Florida. Come dancing as we blaze the beats and turn 13 years this May 2012!

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Melistic’s wmc2012

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So the week started for us Jungala/Torque/Synchronaria crew in Orlando, Florida our hometown with the Miami warm up sessions WODNB @ Vintage. The party showcased Synchronaria, Circle K, Greenlaw, AK1200, Crissy Criss, and SS repping the best in D&B. Tuesday was a day of prepping and soaking up some steam, champagne, and watermelon mojitos at the Guerline Spa – Waldorf Astoria Orlando. Wednesday Collaborator and myself make the drive down to MIA stopping in Port St. Lucie for a quick pick up of goodies, and visit with my mom and nana.
We arrive in MIA at 5:30 just enough time to get into our condo and see a gorgeous reflection of sunset colors in the east sky as the sun drops and night comes up. Wednesday was the Ram party. This included a sick set by Ed Rush and Optical and Andy C. Best night of music, vibe, and dancing at conference for me. Thursday included bloody mary’s, a dip in the ocean, pool, nap, and a night of WODNB>>> Torque and Respect hosted the US drum & bass room proper. We finished the night with some vegan nachos and a nap. Friday was check out day. We rejuvenated at the Turkish Bath House. Steam, sauna, cold dips, and relaxation. Next up a visit to Whole Food Mia for more coconut water and a nap under a shady tree at a park. We had a super awesome meal at Grillfish as always. I took the vegan route as this is my plan for now. Grilled artichoke and garlic broccoli = delish. Next up Liquor lounge and FSOB. Torque hosted the drum & bass room with Circle Talent. Ed Rush and Optical and Dieselboy had the sets of the night IMO. After this show at 4:20 we are on 95 heading North for rest in Fort Liqourdale before our return to Orlando on Sunday where I went straight to the Grand Floridian to work at Citricos for an awesome night. Carry on ~ See you Monday at Torque if you can make it. Melistic XO

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Synchronaria’s long awaited Debut Album “Strike & Run” releases March 8th, 2012. The “Strike & Run” mission is to bash listeners & dancers alike over the head with a keyboard and haul ass. Our aim is a different perspective of the Dubstep genre. We are musicians who remain passionate in songwriting. These are not just tunes, but 10 actual dubstep songs with meaning. A refreshing outlook on pushing song structure, hooks, and a statement of our current affairs.

Synchronaria blends in thought provoking lyrics that reflect our revolving day to day grind in life and in love. Building cinematic soundscapes in a melodic fashion, laced w/ futurist vocals, dropping into a heavy sporadic bass state then back into the melody.

D/L the Full Length Album for FREE @ March 8th, 2012 -featuring cover artwork by Salvador Charlie, Logo by Tim McCloskey & Online data courtesy of H.Dot. Hold tight 4 Synchronaria dance/street/wear merch from 9G’s. Respect to the collaborating fammo/crew who bring to light & breathe life into this project.

PS. Catch the Official “Strike & Run” Album release/listening party w/ Synchronaria >Thursday March 8th @ Dubscenario @ Sky60 64 North Orange Ave. Downtown Orlando

+ 3.14 Dubshot @ Bullitt Bar Orl.

3.15 Dub101 w/ Figure @ The Vault Gainesville

3.19 WODNB Sessions @ Torque Vintage Lounge Orl

3.22 WODNB Miami Music Week


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*Torque *Respect *WODNB 2012

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March draws near and the excitement is in the air. We anxiously await the madness of WMC/Miami Music Week. Melistic and I have been every year smoozing with DJs & their industry insiders from all over the world since 98′. The thick vibe, people, artists, & location make for a memorable time. This year you can catch the  Jungala Crew representing in full throttle force. We announced earlier this week ~ ‘Respect ‘ -Los Angeles’ prestigious & long running DNB night along with ‘Torque’ Florida’s longest running Drum ‘n Bass weekly have teamed up and joined forces with DJSS of Formation and The World of Drum ‘n Bass to run the 2nd Arena: The Best of USA. We are very honored to be a part of the venture. 2 of America’s longest running DNB nights look forward to bringing in the heat with top gun heavy US talent ‘longside SS & the WODNB Massive. Shouts out to Rob Machete & the Respect Crew. A big congratulations as Rob is now handling Circle Managements Drum ‘n Bass US Artist roster.

Before Heading out to Miami be sure to catch our annual pre-MMW event the World of Drum ‘n Bass Sessions @ Torque ~Monday March 19th @ Vintage Lounge Downtown O-Town  w/ SS, Crissy Criss, AK1200, Greenlaw live, Circle K, & Synchronaria hosted by Warren G, & Collaborator. We Salute you Junglists ~Orlando, Stateside, & Worldwide!

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Akrophobia is no newcomer to the Orlando scene, Danny Heck is a DJ/Producer/Audio engineer kicking it in high gear with his recent production and DJ sessions. Here is part 2 of his “The beat of a different drummer” mix series. Showcasing that not only does he slay it in Drum ‘n Bass, but also all things bass, halftime rhythms, and all the great music that you rarely hear out in the clubs.

The Beat of a Different Drummer – Part 2 (Halftime DNB) by Akrophobia

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Synchronaria “Strike & Run”

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It began as an event, then a branding name morphed into a band which eventually disbanded into 2 remaining members Aaron Bond and Damian Roman aka Collaborator. The two have been on a steady grind completing the final touches on their debut album entitled “Strike and Run” slated for a 2012 release. Already esablished in their own rights individually, the duo combo clicked from the get go as they played and tested dancefloors in Orlando and surrounding areas in Florida. Pushing their melodic and sporadic dubstep production in a harmonious way they also run the DNB, Drumstep, Bass heavy dance music respectively.

Gaining momentum and  keeping it in the family with a collaborative effort. Jungala, Synchronaria, Artstallations, H Dot, & 9G’s  are currently in works to bring “Strike and Run” concept to life in a bright way with brand marketing logo, artwork, visuals, merchandise, and a tour in support. Wait 4 it.

Latest tracks by Synchronaria

Synchronaria Debut Album Release 2012~

“Strike & Run”

1 Trapped

2 In your name I bleed

3 Killer Deal

4 Going Crazy

5 Be There

6 Point of View

7 New Addiction

8 The Path

9 Get Out

10 Rough Business


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Torque’s older bro comes to life at a new Monthly held at NV Art Bar Downtown O-Town. TORQUE UNLMTD with resident pushers Circle K & Collaborator. For those who can’t make the week in, week out hustle ‘n bustle of the steady Torque on Mondays this new night is for you. Torque UNLMTD falls on a Saturday night and is FREE ENTRY. So Don’t be ghost and show ya DNB face

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12 plus years representing the sounds of Drum ‘n Bass. Torque shows no signs of slowing down with a new winter 2012 flyer/lineup announced and also a new offshoot monthly ‘Torque UNLIMTD’ at NV Art Bar with Circle K and Collaborator pushing the Junglist vibe.


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Torque welcomes back one of our favorite DJs Asides.
Alongside SST / Apparatus / Ohm Resistance / Jungala

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Labor of Love 2

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Special Sunday Night Edition






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LTK Bukem @ Torque

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We are so excited to bring back LTJ Bukem alongside Circle K and Collaborator

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