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So the week started for us Jungala/Torque/Synchronaria crew in Orlando, Florida our hometown with the Miami warm up sessions WODNB @ Vintage. The party showcased Synchronaria, Circle K, Greenlaw, AK1200, Crissy Criss, and SS repping the best in D&B. Tuesday was a day of prepping and soaking up some steam, champagne, and watermelon mojitos at the Guerline Spa – Waldorf Astoria Orlando. Wednesday Collaborator and myself make the drive down to MIA stopping in Port St. Lucie for a quick pick up of goodies, and visit with my mom and nana.
We arrive in MIA at 5:30 just enough time to get into our condo and see a gorgeous reflection of sunset colors in the east sky as the sun drops and night comes up. Wednesday was the Ram party. This included a sick set by Ed Rush and Optical and Andy C. Best night of music, vibe, and dancing at conference for me. Thursday included bloody mary’s, a dip in the ocean, pool, nap, and a night of WODNB>>> Torque and Respect hosted the US drum & bass room proper. We finished the night with some vegan nachos and a nap. Friday was check out day. We rejuvenated at the Turkish Bath House. Steam, sauna, cold dips, and relaxation. Next up a visit to Whole Food Mia for more coconut water and a nap under a shady tree at a park. We had a super awesome meal at Grillfish as always. I took the vegan route as this is my plan for now. Grilled artichoke and garlic broccoli = delish. Next up Liquor lounge and FSOB. Torque hosted the drum & bass room with Circle Talent. Ed Rush and Optical and Dieselboy had the sets of the night IMO. After this show at 4:20 we are on 95 heading North for rest in Fort Liqourdale before our return to Orlando on Sunday where I went straight to the Grand Floridian to work at Citricos for an awesome night. Carry on ~ See you Monday at Torque if you can make it. Melistic XO

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